Thursday, 26 August 2010

As the seasons change

There's logs "aplenty", gathered and stacked for the coming change in the season, which seems to have started somewhat earlier this year.

The crop's been harvested in the field behind and it seems to me that mother nature is taking her deep breath before exhaling and allowing the fantastic colour change, and carpet of leaves, that comes with the onset of Autumn.

At home, there's also a poignant feeling in the air - The dogs seem somewhat pensive, as if they understand that Carmen won't be snuggling up with them in front of the fire anymore. She so loved this time of year, looking forward to"nestling in" for the cold damp months - We both did, which has only highlighted, once again, that bastard called "grief". Just when you feel that you're begining to move forward, it jumps out, and punches you right on the end of the nose.

Like me, it appears that the dogs, too, still have plenty of grieving to face. When I arrive home, Alfie has started running to Carmen's side of the car again, wagging his tale excitedly until he realises that she's not getting out - He sniffs the bottom of the door, then turns on his heels and morosely walks indoors holding his head down low. The "Sisters Grimm" seem sullen and reflective. If only animals could speak.....

The fire's lit, I'm completely self sufficent this year, with my own, hazel, ash, yew, beech, cherry and willlow. Carmen would be so excited by this, she so loved when I prepared the seasoned wood. Come to think of it, she loved everything good about life.

It won't be long before the clocks turn back. If only I could turn them back by more than one hour, to happier days.